13-17 Group first place 2018


Visions by Gabi Rivas

The envelope looked as though it had been in the mailbox for years. The
writing was faded. Minutes before, I had pulled it out of the very back of the
mailbox, where it was stuck. The envelope had only my address on it, written
in elegant handwriting. Nothing more, or less. I opened it quickly, my curiosity
getting the best of me. In the same penmanship as before, the small note
stated: Meet me at our spot. It was signed in a practiced, cursive font, as
elegant as the earlier message. Erin Blanco. A memory was triggered
suddenly. Someone, a girl, was sitting in front of me, laughing. A breeze blew
her hair back and rustled the leaves of the tree we were under.

The sensation ended as soon as it started. I am left standing in front of
the mailbox, contemplating what just happened. It was especially odd because
I didn't recognize any of it. It was like l was looking through someone else's
eyes, and it left me confused and shaking. Maybe it was from a past life, I
thought. l firmly believe in reincarnation, so it would make sense, but why
would I remember any of it? My head swarmed with questions l couldn't
answer. l shook my head, successfully snapping me out of my trance, and
thought back to the vision. lt could've been because of the letter. I looked
down at the beautiful words again and walked, following the steps to my front
door. I went inside, grabbed my favorite blue coat, and started towards the
park, note and vision in tow. l started running, fueled by adrenaline and
longing. For what, l don't know.