You'll Never Guess Who I Got Stuck In An Elevator With Last Summer

By Christina Lewis


"Danny Escobar!" All the girls shouted in unison, their shrieks echoing within the pink tiles of the girls bathroom.

"He's the hottest boy in school!" Brandy said.

"Tell us, Grace!" They all said as they encircled me, anxious to hear the newest gossip.

"Okay girls, here's how it went. .. " I said open-endedly as I looked around at them. I watched their bodies lean in.

"The elevator jammed on the fourth floor. It was the perfect opportunity. I said to Danny, 'Well, I guess we're going to be here a while. I'm Grace.' He looked me up and down and said, 'You don't look very graceful."'

"He said that?" A girl asked from the crowd. "Shut up, Brittney!" Said another peevishly.

"He pushed the emergency button after that- the cops would be there soon. Knowing I didn't have a lot of time, I said, 'Tell me about yourself, Danny ... " I paused for effect. The girls leaned closer.

"And then it gets bad," I said, and all the girls fidgeted in their uniforms.

"'Well, I like lifting weights,' Danny said-"

"Does he ever!" A girl interrupted from the stalls.

"-'and I'm the smartest guy on the football team. Remember when Stockham's field was covered in underwear?' Then he got a narcissistic grin on his face and pointed to himself. 'My idea'."

The girls gasped. 'The gardening club got in trouble for that!'' Someone said.

"Then I asked him if he had a girlfriend and he said, 'If I had a whole lee cream parlor to myself, do you really think I'd have just one flavor?"'

The girls shrieked in disgust.

"Then he started talking trash about the whole cheerleading squad!" I said as I pointed to them, and they all went various different colors and began talking feverishly amongst themselves.

"Cami, he said your makeup looks like a clown's!" Cami's face went red behind her foundation.

"Lori, he said you look like a duck!" Lori's eyes widened and she covered her big lips.

"And Dorelica, he said you sound like a dying cat!" Dorelica scoffed heavily, sounding much like a decrepit hiss.

Right then, Josie walked through the door. "Are y'all talkin' 'bout Danny?" She asked as she walked to the stall. '"Cuz he's right outside the door."

There was a brief pause as the girls all looked at each other.

"Let's get 'em!" Dorelica said, and they all began hollering and yelling as they trampled like a herd out the door. I saw them encircle Danny angrily as he looked up awkwardly from his phone. The door closed as Josie walked towards me, grinning.

"Your plan worked," she said cheekily as she patted me on the back, "they all fell for it."

My face twisted in mischievousness. "Yeah, I'm a good liar," I said as we walked to the mirror. We looked at each other when we felt the vibration of a loud bang, before we laughed as Danny began screaming for help.

That'll teach him to deny my prom invitation.