13-17 Group Second Place winner 2017


The Missing Clue by Hannah Clark

At the library, I found a photo stuck in between the pages of a book ...
I was looking for a book that would keep me occupied over the summer. The thought of
going into g th grade made me anxious, so I needed a distraction. I picked up a few books, but
none of them interested me. Then, I found The Murder Mystery of Nightmare Town. It
sounded promising, so I decided to check it out. My mom and I decided to sit down in the quiet
reading room at the library to peruse our books.
I'd been reading my new book for about 35 minutes when something happened.
flipped the page, and I saw a piece of paper stuck in between the pages of my book. I pulled
the paper out and saw that it was not a paper, but a photo. I closed my book and sat up
straight to examine the photo.
The photo was of two men, possibly friends, talking. One of the men was holding
something behind his back. I leaned closer to the picture and saw that he held a knife. My eyes
widened in astonishment. The other man looked very familiar. He looked like a murder victim
that was on the news two years ago. The murder had never been solved.
"MOM!" I whispered loudly, still staring at the picture.
Seconds later my mom raced over to me. "What's wrong, Kenny?" I showed her the
picture. She gasped as her hand flew up to her mouth. "Kenny, we need to show this to the
We both hurriedly walked out of the library to the car. Within minutes, we arrived at
the police station. I ran to the counter, "Hello, Sir. I found this photo in my library book. I think
it might be related to the unsolved murder from two years ago."
He held his hand out and I gave him the photo. As he examined it, his eyes widened
"Hold on just a second, kid. You and your mom can sit down if you'd like." He walked into a
room labeled "Investigation" and shut the door. My mom and I both sat down. After 25
minutes of waiting, we heard cheers erupt from the room. The cop ran out and hurried to the
counter. I stood up quickly.
"You did it! You solved the greatest murder mystery this town has ever seen! We didn't
have a murder suspect until today!" He exclaimed. "What's your name, kid?"
"Kenny Jackson, Sir." I replied.
The cop turned around and said something to another person behind the counter, too
inaudible for me to hear. "Thank you, Kenny," he said appreciatively.
The Missing Clue
I nodded. As my mom and I walked out the door, the cop called my name. I turned to
look at him.
"Kenny! Be sure to get next week's newspaper!" He said excitedly.
I nodded and smiled.
A week later, my mom put the newspaper on the table and I walked over to see what it
I beamed.