13-17 Group Third Place Winner 2017


I Meet Myself  by Noah Mugan

At the library, I found a photo stuck between the pages of a book. I picked it up, and
curiously examined the black and white image. There was a boy on the picture that seemed to
be about my age, and he was shaking hands with some military official. Suddenly I noticed
something very strange: The boy was me! But wait, I thought. I'd remember meeting a military
leader. However, there I was. I turned it over. Then I saw it: An address. 151 Raccoon
Boulevard. I went straight to the computer and typed it in. Whoever owned this seemed to live
not far from my house.
That night I walked to the address. Right as I was about to knock, an old man opened the
"Hello," he said, in a voice that seemed familiar. "I've been expecting you."
"Oh, hi. I came here to ask some questions about a picture I found."
He smiled. "Yes, I know," he said. "Come in and I'll explain everything." My curiosity was
too strong, and I walked inside.
Inside, the house was filled with technology. "You see," the old man said. "I 'm you from
the future. Well technically an older you from the past."
"Wait, WHAT?!" I exclaimed.
The old me chuckled. "Yes, I remember feeling the exact same way when I was in your
position." He reached for a button on the desk to his right. "I'm sorry, but you have to do this." He
pressed it, and I blacked out.
I opened my eyes. Where older me had been standing only moments before, now a
different man sat at a desk writing on a piece of paper. He raised his head, and when he saw
me, he jumped up. "Who are you!?" he yelled.
I recognized him! The man was U.S. Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet in World
War Two, Chester Nimitz. "Oh, sorry!" I said. "I'm from the future and didn't mean to get sent
Commander Nimitz sat down. "Well, please be on your way. I am preparing for the
Japanese attack on 'Target AF', what we believe to be Alaska."
But that didn't seem right. "Wait!" I exclaimed. He glanced up, an impatient look in his
eyes. I had just remembered an important detail about World War Two. "AF is Midway Island! If
you don't believe me, do a test using the Japanese Code."
"I want the code breakers in here right now!" Nimitz yelled through the closed door.
Soon, a group of uniformed people were gathered in the office. "I want it broadcasted that
Midway Island has a water shortage." The cryptographers quickly transmitted that information
by radio. Sure enough, Japan transmitted that AF was short on water. AF wasn't Alaska, but
Midway Island.
After Midway was successfully defended, I met once again with Nimitz and took
pictures. I then travelled to Texas. I lived there for the rest of my life, and prepared for the day
when I would have to build a machine to send my younger self back in time to save the US.
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