13-17 Group Third Place


The End of the World as We Know It by Alena Hernandez

The year was 3018, and things had been the way they'd been for years. There
were flying cars, jetpacks, and everything was a shiny chrome color. No one remembers
what changed in the world, but no one tries to remember either. Elizabeth Parkman was
thinking about this as she sat eating her breakfast. When she finished she had a quick
conversation with her father before he went to work. She then got sucked up a tube and
into her bedroom to begin getting ready. She grabbed a panel that controlled her room,
pulling up her closet. Her closet was filled with vintage clothes; she decided to wear an
old Paramore shirt, tucked into shorts with vans. She ran down stairs, choosing not to
use the tube, and going out the door.

She met her friend Ozarka at Madame Foster's antique emporium; her home away
from home. "You always wear the weirdest stuff" Ozarka said with a smile.
"Are you telling me you've never heard of Paramore? I have so much to show you
dude." Elizabeth's face lit up as she spoke.The girls only laughed and went into the
store where they'd find antiques such as fidget spinners, slap bracelets, and laptops.
They were greeted by Madame Foster upon their arrival, and they sat to speak with her
before looking around . Though the young girl didn't know much about the past, she's
picked up on a lot from Madame Foster. As Elizabeth picked up a shirt that said
'NIRVANA' in big letters she began thinking about how people don't care about what
happened to the world, but she soon realized that she'd been thinking aloud. "So you
want answers, legend has it that everything is in the black mailbox." Madame Foster
wrote down an address on a piece of paper.
"Oh thank you so much!" Elizabeth hugged the her before dragging Ozarka out the
The girls went to the address that was given to them, and spotted the mailbox
almost immediately. Elizabeth grabbed what appeared to be a piece of paper and
realized it was an envelope. She noticed the envelope looked as though it had been in
the mailbox for years. The writing was faded, but still legible. The letter inside read

"My dearest Edward,
I am aware that you were given the blueprints to the time machine, but I think that it
would be a bad idea for you to go through with the plan. For the sake of humanity don't
do it, it'll change the world as we know it.

The girls rushed back to Elizabeth's house soon after.Elizabeth looked for her dad as
soon as she arrived, bombarding him with questions after showing him the letter. Before
she had the opportunity to compose herself, her father came and punched her in the

Elizabeth awoke in a shock, she looked at her phone and the date read "July 12,
2018." She let out a sigh of relief before going back to bed.