Every Summer Has Its Ups & Downs

by Luis Medrano

Last summer, I experienced the true reality of a celebrity, and it wasn't what I expected. I came home tired from work one day, and took the elevator to my apartment. Right before the door closed, a man in a hurry rushed inside. I turned my head, and was shocked to see Ron Burgundy. Or, the guy who played him.

"Hey ... ! You're ... -"

 "Will Ferrell? Oh, yeah. The one and only," he interrupted.

 "That's so cool. So what are you doing- " 


Suddenly the elevator stopped, and the lights began to flick.

"What's going on?" he asks, "I think ... the elevator is stuck ... I'll call for help." I start to press the emergency button, but nothing. I try to reassure Will, "I'm sure help will be here soon. But In the meantime, we can talk- "


GODSAKE! WE ARE RUNNING OUT OF AIR TO BREATHE!. .. C'mon, make an air bubble with your mouth!" He makes a bubble like a kindergartener, only to turn red and get lightheaded. I was nervous, but not THAT nervous.

"Hey man, I think the best thing to do right now is stay calm." I responded subtlety.

 "Stay calm?! Are you insane?! Oh god ..." he began to pace around the elevator, sobbing, "I didn't think it would end this way ... why me?!... Okay ... Okay ... I got an idea. Let me get on your shoulders so I can climb out!"

"Then how would I get out then!?" I yelled back.

“I promise I'll get someone to come get you ... as soon as I get a cup of coffee."

“Look ... We'll Just wait it out. We'll be fine." I nodded back at Will.

We waited for what seemed like forever. Slowly, we began to become frustrated and exhausted. Will then got very hot and sweaty, so he decided to take his clothes off, down to his tighty whitey's. He crawled up in a ball and began to cry. 

"We're dying ... this is it. I can't hold it any longer. I'll never get to see the return of the McRib...goodbye world ..." 

Suddenly, out of nowhere, the door is opened. A fireman was standing at the door, and asked us if we were okay. Will jumped up from the elevator floor, and wrapped his arms around the fireman's legs. 

“Oh thank God! ... We're saved! We have been there for DAYS sir. .. Thank you so much!" Will Ferrell cried.

“But Sir ... you've only been there for 30 minutes," said the fireman.

Will was in shock, and quite frankly, so was I. 30 minutes seemed like days. He grabbed his clothes walked out the elevator. He then halted, looked around very confused. He turned around slowly and chuckled, “l'm ... in the wrong floor."

Crazy huh? Who knew an elevator ride could be so uplifting, yet let you down? Next time, I'll take the stairs.