Raccoon Go

by Noah Mugan

It was a nice summer day for a family picnic, but I realized something was wrong when our  picnic basket began to jump up and down. Something in the basket was alive. I nervously crept toward it. Suddenly, a striped tail popped out. The rest of the animal then followed, the grey creature backing out of the basket. It was a raccoon, and it was holding my phone in its jaws!

"Hey!" I yelled. "Gimme that!" The raccoon took off running, blurring with speed. I had no choice but to follow.

My chase for the thief led into a forest and forced me to tear through scratching undergrowth, scramble through ditches, and wade through streams. Eventually I reached a small clearing. The bushes were covered with bright blue flowers, and light shone everywhere. I looked around, under trees, in the shadows, and in the leaves of bushes, but the raccoon was nowhere to be found. I sat under a large tree, feeling defeated. Lost in thought, I didn't notice the leaves floating down until one landed right on my nose. I looked up and saw a mask. It was the raccoon!

"Hey,you!" I exclaimed. "Give me back my phone!"

I climbed up as quickly as I could, just like a squirrel. Before I reached the troublesome raccoon, though, it leapt down to the edge of the clearing, looking at me as if it was waiting. Sighing, I jumped down and continued the chase.

As I followed the bandit's tracks, I noticed some deep claw marks on the trees. With my mind occupied, however, I ignored them and kept running. I scrambled over fallen branches and large footprints, beginning to wonder about the cause of all the destruction. Soon, I noticed something: the usual bird calls had ceased. Hearing a growl, I skidded to a stop and looked around. There, hidden behind some berry bushes, was an enormous black bear.

 I stood frozen, fear taking control. Suddenly the bear roared, shaking the leaves, and charged. I desperately tried to dodge, but mid-jump a claw hit me like a freight train. I was flung into the air, hitting a tree meters away. Dazed, I tried to stand. Just as the bear was about to attack me again, a small attacker dropped down from the trees onto the bear's face. The grey creature was scratching the beast! In rage, the black bear thrashed its head around, trying to shake off its assailant. Giving up, the bear thundered off. And there, standing before me, was the raccoon.

I continued to follow the raccoon's tracks until sundown, still trying to get my device. Eventually I reached the end of the trees. Nearby was the raccoon, patiently waiting. I then looked down and saw my phone. With relief I picked it up and turned it on. After unlocking it, Pokemon Go came up, and I noticed something. Many rare Pokemon had been caught, and the phone had small claw marks on it. 

In confusion I looked at the raccoon. "Did you do this?" I asked. I could have sworn I saw it nod before the Pokemon Master ran off. Amazed, I began the long walk home.