8-12 Group Second place winner 2017


Scientist for a Day by Ariel Whiddon

The first day of summer break, I woke up, stretched looked in the mirror and
screamed. In the reflection of the mirror I could see the clock on the wall. It was
half past eight and I was supposed to be at the science camp at 7. Now, I was late.
Not a very great start for a future scientist.
I rushed around the bathroom to get ready. I didn't have time to brush my
hair, brush my teeth, or even get dressed. Luckily, I had fallen asleep last night
wearing my clothes. With a quick swish of mouthwash I was ready.
I ran out the door and hopped on my bike. The camp was being held at the
community activity center just three blocks from my house. I made it in 5 minutes.
When I got there they had already started. 'Where do I go?' I thought to myself I
looked in the different rooms hoping no one would notice me sneaking around.
Eventually I found my friends. They were already dissecting lobsters.
Dissecting creatures looked like so much fun. I knew I had to get in there
and get started. After sneaking in and pretending I had been there awhile I looked
around for the person in charge. After I found her I said 'Where's mine?'
She asked me where I had come from. 'My name is Nami,' I said 'I must
have missed some of the instructions.' She paused and looked at her note pad 'oh
Nami, I see, you' re very late.I am Miss Lacy.' She was onto me. 'Sorry, now can I
get a lobster?' She said go ahead they're all in that tank.
I picked the biggest one sitting in the tank. I threw it on my plate and then I
grabbed a lab coat and glasses. 'If a girl's going to be a scientist she better look the
part' I thought to myself. I prepared and was about to cut into the lobster when
suddenly my friend Vivi said 'Hi'.
I stopped and began telling her about my crazy morning when all of a
sudden the lobster flopped off my plate. 'You mean this thing is alive?' I
screamed. The lobster dashed across the room and me and Vivi chased it around.
Suddenly Tommy walked into the room and didn't see the lobster. He stepped out
right on its tail. Next thing I see is Tommy and the lobster sailing through the air.
Eventually Tommy landed on the ground and the lobster ended up hanging onto
Miss Lacy's nose. I knew I was in trouble. That's what I get for trying to be a
scientist. I can't wait until I get to have this as a real job.