8-12 Group Second Place 2018


The Dream of S.W.A.T. and Federal Agent by Will Graves

I traveled to the local head technician's office, because he wanted me to try a
new invention called the Dream Machine. When I arrived to his office, I had to fill
out some paperwork. He hurriedly was called to another person's office that was in
the same building. I looked around and s pied the invention in the room. It was
covered with a tarp. I pulled the tarp off. The invention that looked like a helicopter
had a door, which I opened. I climbed into the invention and saw a big red button
with a sign. The sign said not to push the button, but I did.

Danger! Excitement! Guns! Surprisingly I was living my dream to be in law
enforcement. Thoughts of my friend who is a police officer and stories about my
great grandfather who is a s he riff popped into my head. How did the technician
know that I wanted to become a S.W.A.T. officer or a federal agent? I had always
dreamed of being a S.W.A.T. Officer, which stands for Special Weapons And Tactics,
with the Austin Police Department, specifically the K9 unit. My desire to protect and
defend the people of Austin was happening before my eyes. I found myself in the
middle of my two-year training with guns and practicing door breaching at the
police academy. The best part of my time in the machine was that I had a K9 as a
pal, pet, and partner to catch terrible criminals. Although I was carrying a shield,
tremendous guns, and grenades, the worst part of my dream was the risk of getting

Then the invention began making a humming noise and transferred me to
Washington D.C. as a federal agent. I looked down to see my black suit and reached
in my pocket to find silver handcuffs. In spectacular Washington D.C., I strategically
protected the President of the United States like a wolf with her pups. I searched for
counterfeit money that criminals were trying to run away with. I had the privilege
to see the President and live in the White House. I was excited to live my dream and
guard and help the president as his personal bodyguard.

The Dream Machine made a whining noise and transferred me back to the
present day at the local technician's office. The technician had not returned yet, so I
continued to fill out my unfinished paperwork. I will always remember the day that
I was able to live my dreams as a S.W.A.T. officer and federal agent. It was an honor
to protect people such as the President and citizens of the United States for the short
time I was in the invention. But for now I will live my life and continue to dream
about my future.