A Special Place

by Kaitlynn Hatchett

It was a nice summer day for a family picnic, but I realized something was wrong when our picnic basket began to jump up and down. Something in the basket was alive. I reached for the lid and slow!y opened it. Inside there was nothing it was just empty.

"What? How could this be, there was something in it ... I promise!" I said to my Mom.

Of course she didn't believe me because no one else saw the basket move except for me, Sean Timothy Hope the kid who nobody ever bef ieves. I studied the basket further and I thought I saw something, so I took a closer look by putting my whole face in the basket. For some wild reason I didn't feel the bottom as I sank further and further into the basket. I was falling, but not in a speed that gravity normally puts upon .... I was intact going very slow as if I were floating. I was surrounded by clouds and approaching the ground. My feet touched the soft dirt. I was in a forest. A forest in a picnic basket? I thought to myself, how could this be? 

I touched a tree, It was a REAL tree that was for sure. The bark felt hard and scratchy and the leaves seemed smooth and the most vibrant shade of green. I wondered around for a little and came upon a pond. It was the clearest pond I had ever seen, with hundreds of glittering fish. I cupped my hands and tasted the water for myself. It was the best tasting water I had ever experienced. "I wish I had something to read ." I said to myself. Then, almost at that very instant, a book I was currently reading in the library appeared in my hands.

"Whoa!" I exclaimed.

I sat under a nearby Weeping Willow and read my book. I felt calm and relaxed. When I finally got to the end of the story, where the heroine reunites with his family, I started to miss my own. "I want to go home." I said aloud and just like that, I started to float up back towards the sky into the clouds just as I had done before. Except this time, a bit faster. 

I emerged back at the park where we were having our picnic. No one noticed I was gone, intact it was like I never left at all. So I didn't beth er to tell my family who probably would never believe me. I played with a Frisbee disc with my sister and thought about my time at my special place. My Mom picked up the picnic basket signaling it was time to go home. As we packed up, I left with the cheeriest attitude because my Mother said I could keep the picnic basket in my room! So now, I go into the Picnic Basket Forest when I want to be alone. It's my very own special place, my own magical escape.