8-12 Group Third Place Winner 2017


Grape Juice by Joshua Carter

The first day of summer break I woke up, stretched and looked in the mirror and screamed . . . I was a grape. WAIT! Let’s back up.
I love grapes. The last day of school my mom packed me a whole vine of grapes to eat. I ate the whole vine. My friends said that I ate so much I would turn into a grape. They must have been right!
At that instant when I looked in the mirror, a million wonders and questions went in my brain:
“What?! Am I dreaming?”
“How will I get downstairs?”
“Will the dog step on me?”
The first problem I had to solve was how to get out of my room. How would I get to the doorknob and turn it? Too bad my room was a mess—it was made the whole thing harder. I found a paper clip and a pile of string. I unbent the paperclip a little, enough where it kind of looked like a fish hook, and I tied the string around it. And, no, I was not going to fish for candy this time! I threw it up and got it in the key hole. I dropped the string because now it was time to look for the key. I found it under a pile of stuffed animals. I climbed up the mountain of stuffed animals and saw where the string was. I ran and reached it.
With the key in one hand and the string in the other, I started to climb up the string. I kept alternating hands holding the key until I reached the top. Finally, I took the paper clip out of the keyhole, stuck the key in and turned it. I pushed the door opened a crack.
I peeked out and saw a picture. I decided that I would throw the paperclip again and it would probably land in between the picture and the crack in the wall. Then, I would swing on it and the momentum would get me downstairs.
My idea worked except that I landed under the dog. There’s another bad thing too. My dog loves grapes as much as I do. It was very very hard trying to dodge the dog’s feet and mouth. I ran. I was worried I would be turned into grape juice.
My mother was watching the dog as it was being very, very, very crazy chasing me. She told the dog to stop being silly. While she was looking away, I quickly used the string that was attached to the paperclip and got it stuck between a nickel and a quarter that were lying on the counter. I climbed up and hid behind the grapes my mom had left out. Mom got out the juicer and I realized she was going to turn me into grape juice! Right when she was about to put me in the juicer, I woke up. It was all a crazy dream. Or was it?