8-12 Group Third Place


The Lava Lamp by Ava Linnell

I rub my eyes as I roll out of bed. Yay! Another boring day at school! Agh! I'm late! I
have five minutes before the bus leaves. I quickly get ready. Aw man! J see the back of the bus
as it chugs to the next stop. I guess I'm biking. I'm halfway to school when a glowing purplish
button catches my eye. It's on a lamppost with a sign above it. The sign says to not push the
button, but I do. I'm drawn to as it is a magnet and I am the steel. The next thing I know, I am
floating in a purplish liquid that kind of feels like pee. I start to panic, when I discover I can
breathe. There's this blue kind of bubble surrounding my head that I guess has air in it. Around
me, are others going about their business, as if none of this is weird to them. They have blue
bubbles identical to mine around their heads. There are buildings floating in the purple liquid that
I guess are shops. All in all, it looks like a normal town except for the mystery liquid and
bubbles. I tried to call peoples' attention, but they all raise their eyebrows and look the other
way. Rude!! I decide to explore to see if I could find a different, more polite town. I just start
swimming, when BAM! I face plant into a glass wall. I feel it and realize it curved. I look
through and see GIANTS walking around in a GIANT house. My first thought is OW! My
second thought is, wait. .. I turn around and see a sign that said, "Tastiest Ice cream in all of the
Lava Lamp". I'm in a LAV A LAMP?! As I take a few deep breaths and calmly figure out what
to do (j/k, I'm screaming my head off) I see another bubble. This one is different. There is a frog
in it.

The frog floats towards me and says, "You don't belong here! Need help getting home?"

I was like, "Yes, please!" So, he gave me a riddle.

"You have to answer this:

I'm beautiful way up in the sky
I'm magical, yet I can't fly
I bring people luck, to some people riches
A person at my end, does what he wishes
What am I?"

I'm dumbfounded. Riddles aren't my strong suit.

"Um, a bird?" I ask the frog. He stares at me open mouthed.

"NO! That is SO wrong, but you can go home anyway. A person with as little intelligence as
you, doesn't deserve to be in the Lava Lamp. By the way, the answer is a rainbow," he says with
a wink. He pulls out a plain red button resting on a slab of wood. Before I even have time to be
insulted, I've pressed the button. When I open my eyes, I'm still in the lava lamp. Just kidding©.
I'm sure it's been at least 2 hours. Not even 2 minutes passed! I doubt anyone even noticed I was
gone. As I continue my bike ride to school, I realize something. I will never again take for
granted being bored. I had enough adventure to at least last a week! ;)