Ruined Picnic

by Arie Whiddon

It was a nice summer day for a family picnic, but I realized something was wrong when our picnic basket began to jump up and down. Something in the basket was alive. When I opened the basket I saw that it was a bright green caterpillar eating all our apples and jumping around. We hardly had any food left. Luckily there were apple trees around and we offered them to the hungry caterpillar. Then he ate the apples from the trees.

I asked him "what are you doing?" 

And he said "I can't find my family and I am so hungry. So I jumped in your basket from the  backyard."

I figured that if he could talk he probably had a name, so I asked "what's your name?"

"My name is Mario. Most of my friends are bugs it will be nice to have a human friend. What is your name?"

"Nina Spicewood. What happened, how did you lose your family?"

"During the rain storm last month, I kind of got swept away. I have been living in your backyard ever since. When I saw your basket full of apples I had to jump in and help myself."

"How did you get inside my basket?"

"There was a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. Now that I ate your apples though there is no way I could have gotten back out that way."

I felt sad for him and offered to help him find his family. So I told my mom what happened and asked her permission to let me explore the area with Mario. She said I could as long as I didn't wander too far.

First we looked by the peach trees. From far away I thought I saw some caterpillars but when wegot up close we noticed they were a different type. Then we looked by the oak trees. We thought we saw them for sure but it was just some glow worms. We really looked everywhere but couldn't find anyone that looked like him.

We were ready to give up and Mario looked like he was about to cry. Suddenly a butterfly was fluttering near us. We paid no notice at first but then Mario recognized her.

"You sound like Josephine, my sister, but you look like a butterfly."

"Mario, it's you! We already changed now it's your turn." She told him.

Josephine explained that he would soon undergo the change and be able to fly away with his family. So I offered to look after him while he made his cocoon and when he emerged he would fly away with his family. It's not every day your happy to have your picnic ruined but today was worth it.