8-12 Group First Place 2017


The Monster On My Head by Leah Whiddon

The first day of summer break I woke up, stretched and looked in the mirror
and screamed. There was a monster without eyelids sitting on my head. It had
creepy eyelashes, pointy and long. Then all of a sudden I blinked and it was gone.
He had to be somewhere in my room but I couldn't find him.
I searched everywhere, under my bed, in the drawers, in my closet but I had
no luck. I looked back into the mirror and blinked and there he was sitting on my
head again. This time though I didn't scream since I didn't want to scare him off. I
had to come up with a plan to catch him.
First, I thought I would throw my hat on my head and trap him underneath. I
grabbed my cap flipped my wrist and threw it on my head. I knew I had him, but
when I put my hands on the hat and felt around it felt empty. After that I took it off
and sure enough it was empty.
Suddenly I looked in the mirror and there he was again. The next idea I had
was to quickly grab it. I sat still without moving a muscle. Then suddenly I
slammed my hands on my head. I caught noting but hair.
I tried and tried and every time he appeared he would dodge my try to catch
him. I was ready to give up and getting a little hungry. So I grabbed my banana and
peeled it open. The little monster was back on my head but he almost looked like
he wanted my banana then I thought to give him some. I took a small piece and
held it near him. Then he came and bit it. He crawled into my hand wanting more
and I gave it to him. That is how I became friends with a crested gecko.