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Fading Away

By Gabi Rivas

I was strolling on the shoreline, hand in hand with the love of my life. The only noises that could be heard were the waves crashing on the beach and her radiant laugh. The moon was high in the sky, as were the stars, but Lucy's smile was more dazzling than any star. The chilly breeze and that smile whisked away every stress in my mind. I would have stayed there forever if I could. Lucy started to fade, and so did the beach we were standing on. I started panicking although it wouldn't have helped. This was a common situation, but the pang in my gut persisted anyways. Everything was fading except for the moon and the thousands of twinkling stars.

I was strolling on the streets of a crowded town, hand in hand with the love of my life. There were dozens of people and shops. The crowd was talking over each other, lost in conversation with friends and family, but I couldn't interpret anything that was being said. Lucy was telling me a story, but it was like she was speaking in a different language. I still listened though; although I didn't understand a word she spoke, her voice brought me peace. She chatted with me for what seemed like hours, but my legs weren't sore at all from walking around town. Lucy giggled, at something she said I supposed, and a piece of hair fell into her face. I reached up with my open hand, the one that wasn't embracing hers, and tucked the stray auburn strand behind her ear. Lucy smiled, and her bronze eyes glowed. I was still gently holding her face, and I leaned in for a kiss. Before I closed my eyes completely, I saw her disappearing away from me again.

The same thing happened on repeat. With us walking through cities, shops, forests, and neighborhoods. At every place, the moon was staring at us through buildings, fog, or trees. Gazing up at the moon one cold and dark evening, I thought to myself, "Why is the sky the only constant thing in this stupid, fading world?" Lucy and the scenery were already gone, having left while I was in thought, and the night was the only thing left. I heard Lucy's voice answer my question about the sky, but I couldn't see her anywhere.

"Because I'm not with you in your world anymore, my love. We got in a car crash that put you in a coma and killed me. You need to go back to your real world, even if I will not be there. We may never see each other again, but you must live on. I love you. Now, wake up!"

Beep. Beep. Beep. Far away voices crowded my ears with phrases like "She's awake!" and "Get the doctor!" I opened my eyes to a bright light, got up, and lived on like Lucy wanted me to.

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