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The Race to Mars

by Thaddeus Chancellor

The astronaut looked out the window of his space ship to see nothing. This was no ordinary astronaut. He was a mole, and moles cannot see.

The walrus, his partner in the race to Mars, shuffled over to him. "The Rottweiler passed us."

"Not again!" said the mole. "I'm turning the knob to nitro boost."

"No!" said the walrus. "I always turn green when you do that." But it was too late. The spaceship zoomed forward.

"Um, Mole?" said the walrus. "We gotta problem."

"Quiet!" said the mole as he smashed buttons on the controls. "Wait, a problem?" he said as he turned to the walrus.

"Yes," said the walrus. "The chameleon is ripping chunks off our spaceship." He pointed to the window.

"I can't see!" said the mole. "You go out there and fight him!"

"Uh, okay," replied the walrus. He walked to the door and stumbled into the black nothingness of space.

One minute later, the door slammed as the walrus returned. "He threatened to hit me with a wrench," said the walrus.

"It's just a wrench," replied the mole. "Fine, I'll go out there and fight him. Even though I can't see him, I'll bet I can do better." He walked out the door and did not stumble.

Out in the cold space, it was terrible. He could not see anything, but he did hear, "Hey, what are you doin' out here?" The mole guessed it was the chameleon.

"I own this ship, so I'm coming out here to fight you," replied the mole.

"Fine, put 'em up, put 'em up!" said the chameleon's voice.

"Alright, I'm coming then," said the mole.

Back inside the spaceship, the walrus heard a loud kapow I and guessed that the mole had won the fight. A few minutes later, the mole came back in.

"I got 'im," said the mole, slamming the door as he walked in.

Suddenly, the spaceship started to jerk and spin. It looked as if they were headed to Saturn.

The mole quickly headed for the control seat. He sat down, grabbed the steering wheel, and pressed two buttons on it.

The walrus looked out the window and saw lasers shooting at the chameleon's ship.

"Gee, you're smart, Mole," said the walrus.

"You're not gonna like what I'm going to do now," the mole replied as he pressed a big, red button. Suddenly, they zoomed to hyperspace. They passed the chameleon, the Rottweiler, and some chimpanzees that were crammed inside a miniscule spaceship.

The walrus saw Mars ahead. "Prepare for a crash landing!" he said right before the spaceship crashed onto Mars.

They saw a sack and wondered what the prize would be. The mole scrambled toward the sack and opened it up. Inside, he felt five bananas.

"Seriously?! We traveled all this way for this? Well, we should be happy for a few bananas." He grabbed the sack, and they both peeled a banana as they walked to their ship for their travel home.

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