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Astronauts with Alchemy

by Dorian Chancellor

The astronaut looked out the window of his space ship to see the last glimpses of earth he would witness for a long while.

"Miss home already?" questioned co-pilot Emma Mays.

"Yeah, sort of," replied Mark Kelsey, the current driver of the ship. It was his second time in space. The first time was when he had set course to the moon. That was a short ride, but this time was a mission to Mars!

Mark settled back in his seat and slurped an ice-cold lemonade. It was pretty stuffy in the ship. Suddenly, there was a tremendous bump, and his drink flew right out of his hands. Luckily, Mark had a strap across his back, but Emma didn't. She flew straight onto the front windshield.

"Hey, I can't see now!" Mark exclaimed. There was another bump, and Emma fell to the floor.

"Son-y," mumbled Emma softly.

Mark's problem wasn't over yet, though. Next thing he knew, they were spiraling right for an asteroid!

"Oh, great!" said Mark. There was a great kerthunk as the ship smashed into the big space rock.

"What are we going to do now?" complained Emma.

"Well, first things first, we're going to put on our suits to investigate," answered Mark.

After slipping on their space suits, they went outside to see the damage. The gas lid had leaked, and a pipe lay strewn across the ground.

"I'll repair the pipe. You go take a look at the gas," Emma.told Mark.

"Got it," he replied.

All the gas damage was just because of one hole. They quickly patched up the opening and realized there was no more gas.

"What's that over there?" asked Emma.

"I'm trying to focus!" said Mark aggressively.

"It looks like a cave," continued Emma.

"Wait, a cave?" questioned Mark looking around towards the direction Emma was pointing. They turned on their headlamps and peeked into the hole.

"It looks dangerous," commented Emma.

"Shall we take a look?" suggested Mark.

Together they clambered down into the cave. There were many bends down there, so they only took left turns so on the way back they only had to pick the right turns. They moved alongthe tunnel until they saw light ahead.

"That's weird," said Mark.

"Come on, it looks like a gem," said Emma.

They approached the gem with caution until Mark realized it was a gas gem, which would fuel their ship "sort oflike frozen gas." They picked up their gem, which was surprisingly light, and carried it back to the ship.

"We will have to melt the gem to get the gas," said Mark. Emma placed the gem into the gas holder and closed the lid.

Back in the ship, they set course for Mars again. "Well, that was an adventure," said Mark as he pressed the "warm gas" button on the ship, which would melt the gem.

"Yeah, I'm sorta sad that it's over," replied Emma as they zoomed past millions of stars.

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