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Joe and the Venus Exploration Project

by Nathan Mugan

The astronaut looked out the window of his spaceship to see a digital screen thatread, "SIMULATION OVER, TEST FAILED." After the first Mars settlement became fully operational, the people of Earth became obsessed with space exploration. Once Mars became fully colonized people moved on, looking toward Venus. They formed the Venus Exploration Project.

Joe was at a school to learn to pilot a ship to Venus, during every test he panicked at the end and went off course. This fear of intense situations is what kept himfrom qualifying for the trip to Venus next year. Joe was determined to help so after he failed his final test he decided to train to become a rocket scientist . (He had already begun his training before he wanted to be an astronaut.)Joe went on to create many ships, and after a multitude of experiments three shuttles prevailed. The Dronedispenser was going to Venus soon and send back information that the astronauts will use before they leave Earth. The ConstructionSpaceCraft will build the habitats that will float in the atmosphere. And finally the unnamed ship the humans will use, which is having some issues, so the human launch is having to be pushed back for several years.

On the day of the Dronedispenser launch, everything went properly. The drones arrived about two months after and began scanning the designated area that the humans would place their living spaces. The man-made habitats were adjusted to use nano-technology, so they could move in the air.

Joe, who had been promoted to supervisor of the shuttle launches decided that it would be best if the human ship and the Constructioncraft launched at the same time but at different locations. The nano-tech would quickly build a landing pad in the sky of Venus for when the humans arrived. During the launch Joe forgot to set what time for the nanobots to connect to the human ship, but he only realized this when the shuttles were about to launch.

Panic stricken, Joe was having trouble calming down and dealing with the situation at hand. He began to slowly calm down and tried to come up with a fast way to stop the Constructioncraft. There was not enough time to reprogram the shuttle. Since Joe was the only person that was aware of this problem he had to stop it. As fast as he could Joe ran to one of his experimental mini shuttles: The Mini Cannon. It had a lasercannon meant to destroy any unwanted asteroids on the ship's path to Venus.

Suppressing his fear, Joe got in the ship and flew toward the Construction Shuttle. Joe fired the cannon to destroy the Constructioncraft, which was about to destroy the human ship. While he did prolong this mission to Venus, Joe saved the lives of many people, and the world was thankful.

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