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Highlights: Community investment in the library

"We were a small volunteer staff not only making policy, but also raising our funding needs in a small town with big dreams. Our Friends were the small community who knew how important a library of this caliber would be to a growing Buda."  -Barbara Pecuch, President of the Library Trustees 1992


The Bookmobile provided by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission Rural Service Division and administered by County Commissioners had seven stops in Hays County. Its first stop was at the Buda School that housed grades 1-12, then parked in downtown Buda, near the Moore Building for the general public. Driven by national initiatives to extend library services to rural communities, the Texas bookmobile program provided book access as well as encouraged communities to establish local county libraries. Bookmobiles welcomed all patrons regardless of race.


A 6’ X 48” bookshelf established and maintained by the Buda City Women’s Club in Buda City Hall becomes a lending library. Not immediately visible from the entrance, patrons had to walk behind the door next to the south window in City Hall to find it. Here, patrons borrowed books generously provided by the county by writing their names on a card that was then placed in a box. After a few months, the book collection is moved to a church school room at the Buda United Methodist Church.


The Buda Women’s Club is organized on October 18 to “promote civic activities with an emphasis on establishing a library for the Buda Community.”


The Buda Women’s Club compiles and publishes the first of four volumes of cookbooks entitled" Buda Cooks" that contain favorite recipes contributed by Buda families. All proceeds of the sale of the cookbooks benefit the library fund.


Buda Community Women's Club successfully advocates for the city to adopt an ordinance to accept the library as a city department and establish a Library Board of Trustees. Edythe Brown and Joy Thedford serve as co-chairs of the Library Board of Trustees.


The Buda Community Women’s Club finds a donor to house the Buda Public Library in a 1200 Sq. ft. Butler Building dedicated on April 23, 1984. The building is completed with community volunteer donations and in kind services such as laying the foundation, landscaping, electrical supplies and work, finishing frames and doors, leveling dirt and gravel, plumbing, shelving and lawn care maintenance. The Lions Club donates a picnic table and the book drop is built by the Texas Iron Workers District Council and the IronWorkers Union Apprenticeship and Training Center at Houston. Volunteers are supplied by the Federal and Texas Green Thumb Program sponsored by the Texas Farmers Union. Volunteers are trained in principles of cataloguing and how to catalogue cards by Mary McClung and Mary McSwain. Hays County Commissioners donate a desk and Dr. Charles McCormick becomes the 1st President of the Board of Trustees. Dorothy Schwartz qualifies for Grade III Librarian, serving 14 months while volunteering 20 hours per week.


The library qualifies for membership in the Central Texas Library System and the Buda City Council and Hays County Commissioners begin to fund the library.


Friends and Board of the Buda Library organize and fundraise for a new library. The Buda Lions Club pledges $7,000 to be paid over a seven year period. In 1990, the building fund received a $75,000 contribution from the Santa Cruz Catholic Church as a gift to commemorate the church's 50th Anniversary and request to have the name changed to The Basil Anthony Moreau Memorial Library in honor of the French Priest and founder of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held October 31, 1991. Texas Lehigh Cement Company employees poured the cement slab, a $17,000 donation.


Friends of the Public Library of Buda, Texas (Friends of the Buda Library) receive nonprofit status and debuted the first ever Friends of the Buda Library annual book sale. Friends gift $ 2,700 to the library, sponsor Historical Tours of Buda, and partner with Hays High School to present the “well received” fundraiser Dessert Theater.


The Friends of the Buda Library publishes the much renowned “Historic Places in Buda” yearly calendar. Proceeds of calendar sales benefit the library. Local artists and businesses contributed monetary and artistic donations. Local engineer Neil Franklin drew historical maps and Friends members Barbara Younts and Mary Gibberson authored pieces about people and places of Buda, which were published as articles in the local newspaper, Hays Free Press.


A new 5,000 sq. ft. building named the Basil Anthony Moreau Memorial Library (Buda Public Library) opens its doors to the public. Designed by architect and Buda native, Robert Hill Jr., the new 5,000 square foot, limestone building included areas for children and adults as well as the only public meeting room in the city. It was open 40 hours a week and had one public computer.


The library receives a grant from The Tocker Foundation to fund the automation of the library’s catalog, and a grant from the Texas Book Festival Fund to fund children’s books.


The library receives a grant to enhance internet connection, network computers and make the catalog available online.


Library catalog is available online beginning May 25, 2000.


The Library Board of Trustees completes a Self-study to assess community library needs and guide planning and growth for the next five years. The Friends of the Buda Library annually fundraise and gift $15,000-$20,000 to “supplement the operating budget of the library…(and) to ensure a high public profile for the library and its programs.”


The articles and photographs of the “Historic Places in Buda” calendar become the inspiration for the book written by Friends members Mary Gibberson and Barbara Younts, People and Places In and Around Historic Buda. In true Friends fashion, the book is published and written with community support. Instrumental in these efforts were the Buda City Council and Buda Economic Development Council (formerly the Economic Development Corporation), Buda Library staff and volunteers, the Buda Historical Commission, local artists, businesses, survey engineers, photographers, Hays Free Press, Austin American staff and photographers, local families who shared archives, the Texas General Land Office and Friends of the Buda Library volunteers.


Buda approves funding for a Municipal Complex that includes space for a new library.


Friends gift $7,345 to the Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January).


Friends gift $8,056 to the Buda Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January). Friends actively participate and network in the Buda Chamber of Commerce meetings.


Friends gift $7,797 to the Buda Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January).


Friends gift $10,000 to the Buda Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January). The new Buda Public Library (25,000 square-foot facility) opens August 2018 in the City of Buda Municipal Complex. The Friends mobilize and increase community engagement in anticipation and excitement of new library opening:

  • Launch committees to help distribute work and maximize efforts.
  • Increase membership by 25%. In partnership with the City, the Friends host a Members Only Preview Reception of the new library before it opens to the public.
  • Increase income from membership, partners and fundraisers.
  • Local business Sweet Nails partners with the Friends. Donates $1 for every pedicure from June 21-2018 to June 21, 2019.
  • Initiate new community events (pop up book sales and Books & Beer book club in partnership with Two Wheel Brewery).
  • Expand social media presence and digital communications to stakeholders.
  • City of Buda Proclamation designates Oct 21-27 Friends of Libraries Week in Buda and recognizes the Friends work in the community.
  • Partner with Hays Free Press and Thrivent Financial to install a Little Free Library at McCormick Middle School in Hays CISD.
  • First Annual Book Sale at the new City Municipal Complex.
  • Collaborate with 11 partners to offer member perk discounts at local businesses.


Friends gift $15,000 to the Buda Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January).

  • Partner with City of Buda and local community leaders to celebrate the one year anniversary of the new Buda Library. Hold a contest to name the 200+ year old Heritage Oak Tree on the grounds of the Municipal Complex. Name dedication to reveal the winning entry “Guardian Oak.”
  • Local business Sweet Nails presents check for $7700 from yearlong fundraiser.
  • Launch a new membership management system and website.
  • Participate in 16 pop up book sales and community events. Friends are featured on Eatin’ and Sippin’ Locally podcast. First year anniversary of Books & Beer.


Friends gift $20,000 to the Buda Library at the Annual Members Meeting (January).

  • Board, officers and committee members hold their first Strategic Planning Meeting.
  • Partner with the US Census to promote the importance of responding to the 2020 Census.
  • Buda Library closes during COVID-19 pandemic (March). Library services and programming go virtual, and phone and curbside services are launched. Friends of the Buda Library conducting all business online until further notice as well.


Friends of the Buda Library 30th Anniversary!


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Friends of the Buda Library Archive.

Compiled by R Cortez-Concha, Vice President 2019, 2020

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